Year: 2010

Busy busy busy and new sites!

Well…I don’t have a lot of time to pour into this post unfortunately, but I have just enough time to mention that I’m still plowing through my capstone proposal so I can finally start working on my final project for

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I miss halloween hockey

For this reason… RIT Hockey on Halloween!

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Welcome back to RIT!

Well, RIT’s officially alive and classes are back on track and going full swing.  I decided that there’s plenty of time in a day for me to do various kinds of work: working on my capstone, finishing my last online

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Introducing college freshmen to FOSS and the FOSS community

I’ve been toying with the notion of encouraging faculty that teach our “welcome to the IT major” courses to include information on FOSS and the FOSS community.  Specifically, I’d like to see students exposed to IRC, blogs, wikis, etc., earlier

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Back to the grind

Well, back to working crazy hours this week to make up for my short excursion in Pittsburgh (I’m hoping to write about this at a later date!). So, working 40 hours in 3 days is a little exhausting, but it’s

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So Wednesday was a lot more interactive and seemed to really pick up with getting into the tools that students would need to learn in order to become fully immersed in helping out the open source community. The first thing

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Alrighty….now that we’re through the second day of POSSE, time for a second reflection! Looking back on today, it was nice to get a little more into the technical side of some of the open source world.  I feel that

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Sitting through the first day for POSSE at RIT.  One of our ‘homework assignments’ is to write a blog entry reflecting on today’s activities.  This post will be a placeholder until I fill in the rest of it 🙂 As

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Memorial Day

Since I wasn’t able to work on memorial day yesterday, I decided that I had a good enough excuse to go see one of the memorial day parades.  After a little hunting, Charlotte and I settled on going to the

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Hello world!

This is my first blog post! Hopefully I’ll start getting some interesting things going here 🙂 -Geoff

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