This is a project I was working on to deploy an image file with a Linux operating system installed within to Amazon’s EC2. See more at the github project page!

The Oracle Performance Bucket

This was an assignment I rapidly prototyped for my Client-Server programming class during the spring term of 2010. We were required to create a turn-based environment for users and while most people created board games, I decided to do something a little more relevant to my other coursework and personal projects. I ended up taking AWR reports kicked out from an Oracle database and writing a Python script that could parse out the SQL statistical information and upload it to a MySQL database for use with this project. At completion, the assignment generates thumbnails of graphs for the different SQL statistics and allows users to ‘check out’ a specific graph for commenting and more information.

To demo this system, you need the following credentials:
  • username: geoff
  • password: geoff
Oracle Performance Bucket
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