Sitting through the first day for POSSE at RIT.  One of our ‘homework assignments’ is to write a blog entry reflecting on today’s activities.  This post will be a placeholder until I fill in the rest of it 🙂

As per the deliverables for POSSE day 1 (http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Deliverables)

Accounts I’ve got registered:

And looking back on today….the history and lecture bit at the start was pretty interesting.  It definitely got better when Mel had us collaboratively writing stuff down on piratepad because I feel like more of us were actively involved.  While the IRC bit was a review for me and the Wiki stuff was pretty simple, I’m looking forward to writing some python for Sugar during this week (and maybe getting a little more involved with that community!).

Beyond that, I got all the accounts I needed, registered (as seen above) and I had some nice idle chat during lunch with some of the other participants at this thing.  Tomorrow sounds to be more confusing and leading to a state of being ‘productively lost’.

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