Memorial Day

Since I wasn’t able to work on memorial day yesterday, I decided that I had a good enough excuse to go see one of the memorial day parades.  After a little hunting, Charlotte and I settled on going to the Pittsford parade (and I was thinking of grabbing a bite to eat during it!).

So we drove down Jefferson road into Pittsford only to find that the road towards Main street in Pittsford was already blocked.  Thankfully, my GPS figured out how to negotiate us towards the parade route after I took the first turn by the road block.  Since we showed up at the start time of the parade, we got stuck watching it from the car in a side street, but that’s okay!

Anyway, when the parade was over, I wanted to show Charlotte Aladdin’s Natural Eatery down by the canal.  If you haven’t been there before, go!  The food’s delicious, healthy, and most important, cheap!  So, after some perusing of the menu, I ended up getting a Falafel pocket pita thing and Charlotte got some amazing wrap with lamb (yum!).  While we waited though, I snapped two quick photos of the canal with my phone:

Bridge over the Eerie Canal, as seen from Aladdin's
Bridge over the Eerie Canal, as seen from Aladdin's
Eerie Canal as seen from Aladdin's
Eerie Canal as seen from Aladdin's

It was pretty to look at over lunch.  As mentioned earlier, if you haven’t been to Aladdin’s Natural Eatery, check it out (!

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  1. This is awesome Geoff. Looks like a good launching to show some of your stuff off. So do you think there is a market for my idea that I told you about yesterday? Aren’t you glad we told you about that eatery? Pittsford is a cute little community. If you & Charlotte have time take the canal trip through the locks some time it’s not terribly expensive.

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