So Wednesday was a lot more interactive and seemed to really pick up with getting into the tools that students would need to learn in order to become fully immersed in helping out the open source community.

The first thing we started on that I thought was very important was the “Rose-Bud-Thorn review” that Chris had us all do.  It allowed everyone in the group to express their opinions on the week thus far and, more importantly, provide feedback for Chris and Mel on how they could help improve POSSE for other people.  Next up was a hefty walkthrough of the Bugzilla interface, which I found to be particularly interesting (seeing as I’ve previously used Trac :P).  It was also interesting to interview with some students during our lunch hour so that we could all try to shed light on our perspective of Open Source and how we feel it could be integrated in the classroom.

Beyond that, we broke off into project groups and I found myself talking with Luke an awful lot about python (<3) before we started working on the Measure activity.

Ohhhh the Measure activity….:P  We ended up debugging issues that were already “resolved” though…they weren’t marked “resolved” on the bug tracker.  Anyhow, it got us to better grasp how the code for an activity works and after a little more bug hacking, personally, I lost interest in measure because I wasn’t sure what else I’d be able to contribute.  That’s when I decided to help out a student debug his work on the IRC activity and well…I got about 2 hours deep into that and still got some work to do today 🙂

Also…dinner tonight…mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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