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Convert Docx to LaTeX!

Just stumbled across an interesting link that has info on converting a Microsoft Docx file into a latex file! Harri Kiiskinen over at wrote up an XSL stylesheet that can match elements in Microsofts OOXML format and print out

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My xmonad.hs

Seeing as I haven’t written in awhile…I figured I’d at least drop a link to my xmonad.hs file that I’ve put together for my own setup. For those of you who don’t know what XMonad is, it’s a tiling window

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Busy busy busy and new sites!

Well…I don’t have a lot of time to pour into this post unfortunately, but I have just enough time to mention that I’m still plowing through my capstone proposal so I can finally start working on my final project for

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I miss halloween hockey

For this reason… RIT Hockey on Halloween!

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Welcome back to RIT!

Well, RIT’s officially alive and classes are back on track and going full swing.  I decided that there’s plenty of time in a day for me to do various kinds of work: working on my capstone, finishing my last online

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