#DBHangOps 4/10/13 (pre-Percona Conference!)

Annnnnd here’s the recording:

Hey all!

The Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo is coming up in 2 weeks, meaning the last of preparations are under way. In the meantime, #DBHangOps is coming your way on Wednesday at 12:00pm PDT (19:00 GMT) with:

  • Talk about Performance Schema from Mark Leith
  • Some discussion on how people use and manage MySQL slow query logs in their environments
  • Filesystems and MySQL — which do you use, why, and how
  • What you’re excited about at Percona Live!

As always, hit up this twitter search or this blog post to grab the google hangout link to join!

See y’all on Wednesday!

Database Operations Engineer at Box, Inc., RIT Grad, and all around Linux and database guy.

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