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Deploy image files to Amazon Web Services

Just pushed a copy of the script I’ve been working on for a couple weeks to github. The goal of the script is to push an image file containing an operating system to Amazon’s Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud so

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XSL to extract DOCX comments into plain text

So..this was an impromptu project I slapped together in about 20 minutes to extract comments out of a DOCX file. I ended up doing this because I stored answers to lab questions as comments in a DOCX and one of

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Convert Docx to LaTeX!

Just stumbled across an interesting link that has info on converting a Microsoft Docx file into a latex file! Harri Kiiskinen over at http://pastcounts.wordpress.com/ wrote up an XSL stylesheet that can match elements in Microsofts OOXML format and print out

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